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Launching an Earth Stewardship Action Network
(and some steps YOUR church could consider)
By Keith Mills

Our new Earth Stewardship Action Network has been given a mission of earth care and earth justice, and everyone in our Presbytery is invited to participate in this ministry in some way. Our intention is to be both faithful and practical; a specific example follows.  At a Presbytery of the Western Reserve meeting in early 2016, a vote was taken...

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In Our Congregations

A Field Trip with God
By the Rev. Matthew Reeves

On a recent late Sunday afternoon, twenty-some members of the Christ Church community met at one of Geauga County’s parks, The Rookery, for a “Field Trip with God.” Before we set out to walk or, in the case of some, to run or scurry over the old Interurban Railroad line that is now a path through wetlands and hardwood forest, we listened to Jesus’ admonition to his disciples

In Mission

How can we serve Homeless people most effectively in the Presbytery of the Western Reserve?

The present structure of PWR includes two Networks listed on the website: Hunger Action Network and Race Action Network.  This is where you can connect with people who have a common interest in these concerns.

In Current Events

Is it Really All About the Benjamins?

By the Rev. Mary Susan Pisano

Have you heard of Freedom Rising?  Chances are, if you’re a pastor, it’s rolling around in your head, probably in the category of “things I need to find out more about,” or “things I might need to get involved with if I have the time.”  If you are a person in the pew, the chances are much lower that you’ve heard of this overture from the PC(USA).  We’re sorry about that and we’re also hoping that this article can help improve that situation.

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