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Thank you for contacting the Leadership Development Ministry to assist you developing and providing a program or event that will enhance the participants’ experience of faith within the Presbyterian Tradition.

Grants are made available to Churches or organizations within the Presbytery of the Western Reserve to create, host, or implement a program/event or ministry that specifically meets the needs of children, youth and young adults. A successful application will meet these guidelines:

  • A description of the proposed Youth Ministry Program/Event.
  • Include information that describes how the participants will engage their faith and build a relationship with God, the Church and Society.
  • Will suggest a methodology for sharing this program/event or a similar one with the wider Presbytery.
  • Will use this program/event to build partnerships within the PWR.

By filling out and submitting this application you are agreeing to these expectations:

  1. Your church or organization will raise part of the money for your event through fund raising and other activities.
  2. Your church or organization will provide a copy of the curriculum to be used OR fill out an Event Goals and Objectives Sheet and submit it with the application.
  3. The applicant will fill out the attached Youth Ministry Program/Event Summary Form and return it to the LDM Committee within 2 weeks of providing your event.
  4. Your church or organization will be willing to share your Program/Event experiences with the Presbytery of the Western Reserve when an opportunity is made available to you.
  5. LDM may use excerpts from your Summary Form for reporting and promotional needs.
  6. You will provide pictures (with release forms) of your event for use by LDM of the PWR for promotional purposes.

Download this text with a preview of application questions by clicking document here.

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