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Stated Clerk's Corner- information regarding changes from the General Assembly or Synod, Frequently Asked Questions about denominational news, Judicial Processes, the current Book Of Order, and other useful bits of information. Curated by PWR's Stated Clerk, Rev. Jessie MacMillan

Compassion Corner- information regarding the PWR's mission involvement and useful links for getting involved or helping out. Written by PWR's Hunger Action Advocate, Laura VanDale. 

Stated Clerk and Associate Presbyter for Equipping Leaders


To fulfill responsibilities for all ecclesiastical matters assigned to the office of the presbytery Stated Clerk in accordance with the Book of Order; provide knowledge and support for equipping lay and clergy leaders; function as a member of the Presbytery staff team; and seek to build relationships with pastors and congregations.


As Stated Clerk:

1. Act as communicator for the Presbytery with the Sessions, other presbyteries, synods, and General Assembly.

2. Responsible for providing for organizational and procedural details for Presbytery meetings, including acting as parliamentarian, providing for the recording of minutes and approving the distribution of literature and petitions at Presbytery meetings.

3. Provide advice and counsel concerning matters of Presbyterian polity and the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

4. Supervise maintenance of official records for the Presbytery: keep all rolls as required by the Book of Order; record all calls to ministers within the Presbytery and all changes therein.

5. Receive and transfer certified calls for ministers and candidates; process contracts and covenants; receive, distribute, record, and report overtures, amendments, or other actions of the Presbytery.

6. Supervise preparation and submission of reports required of the Presbytery by the Synod and General Assembly, including Minutes of Presbytery, annual statistical reports, verification of General Assembly records, etc.

7. Facilitate all processes involved in judicial cases as specified in the Rules of Discipline

8. Serve as an ex-officio member of and recording secretary for the Mission Council, with voice not vote, as Secretary for the Corporation, and as a member of the Coordinating Team.

Accountability and Evaluation:

The Stated Clerk is responsible to the Presbytery of the Western Reserve and shall be reviewed as specified in the By-laws.

As Associate Presbyter for Equipping Leaders

9. Serve as primary staff resource to the Committee on Ministry, and as consultant to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry and Leadership Development Ministry.

10. Build relationships with congregations and leaders to discern needs; communicate needs/requests to other staff or Ministries as appropriate.

11. Maintain familiarity with congregational resources, resource persons and educational opportunities.

12. Oversee the work of the Staff Associate to the General Presbyter and Stated Clerk with regard to ecclesiastical, COM and CPM responsibilities.

13. Seek to support and strengthen ties with congregations, coordinating efforts with the General Presbyter to build relationships with specific pastors and congregations as time permits.

14. Share in the planning and work of the staff team.

15. Assume any other duties as Associate Presbyter as assigned by the General Presbyter.

Accountability and Evaluation

The Associate Presbyter works as a member of the Presbytery staff team and is supervised by the General Presbyter and accountable to the Personnel Committee. There shall be an annual review and a comprehensive review prior to re-election, conducted by the Personnel Committee. The Stated Clerk/Associate Presbyter is subject to the Presbytery’s Personnel Policies.


This is a two-thirds time exempt position for a term as specified in the By-laws and is renewable upon re-election by the Presbytery.


Must be a Presbyterian Ruling or Teaching Elder.



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Transitional General Presbyter


Someone with daring honesty, audacious hope, and courageous faith to guide the Presbytery through a time of transition, in which we work collaboratively to rediscover God’s call and mission; to review resources and explore organizational models; and to discern our vision for the future.


1) Serve as Head of Staff at the Presbytery office: motivating, supervising, coordinating and evaluating its staff.

2) Participate fully in the work of the Committee on Ministry, attending meetings and serving as a guide and counselor to the committee, according to the Book of Order (G-11.0502).

3) Explore with clergy and laity structural models that facilitate healing, as well as mission-oriented change.

4) Support and participate in the development and allocation of funding resources.

5) Serve as a member of the Coordinating Team, which determines the process and content of Presbytery meetings in conjunction with Mission Council.

6) Motivate laity and clergy to use discernment tools so that groups and meetings are led by God’s Spirit to achieve clarity about issues and guidance towards their resolution.

7) Support the practice of sound fiscal management of the Presbytery’s financial resources and assets through work with the Administration Ministry and Mission Council.

8) Serve as primary advocate of the Church-wide Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and the Presbytery’s Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.

9) Communicate with the congregations and interpret to them the Mission of the Presbytery.

Responsibilities shared with the staff team of the Presbytery

1) Initiate ideas that will enhance the effectiveness of the Presbytery’s vision and sense of direction for mutual growth and ministry.

2) Support the elected leadership of Presbytery to prayerfully set goals and priorities for the work of ministry units consistent with the mission statement.

3) Review with appropriate leadership of the Presbytery, the relevance of the mission direction goals in light of emerging trends and concerns.

4) Encourage multi-directional communication among the units of the Presbytery, the congregations, their members and leaders.

5) Develop a caring relationship with and among the pastors and churches of the Presbytery.

6) Represent the Presbytery in ecumenical, interfaith, and secular settings.

Relationships with Higher Governing Bodies

Participate in synod-wide staff meetings.

Cooperate with and obtain information from the presbyteries in the Synod of the Covenant in areas of mutual interest and concern.

Communicate with the Office of the General Assembly as necessary.

Term and Evaluation

The Transitional General Presbyter will serve a two-year term, accountable to Mission Council through the Personnel Committee, and will be evaluated by the Personnel Committee every six months.

Presbytery of the Western Reserve:

Leadership Development Ministry



Thank you for contacting the Leadership Development Ministry to assist you with attending an experience that will help you deepen your faith and improve your leadership skills for use within the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

Scholarships are made available children, youth and young adults to participate in faith deepening and leadership skill development experiences. A successful application will meet these guidelines:

  • The experience provides an opportunity for growth in faith.
  • The experience provides an opportunity for growth in leadership skills.
  • Priority will be given to experiences that reflect the theology of our reformed heritage.
  • Priority will be given to applicants with active membership in a church of the PWR.

 By filling out and submitting this application you are agreeing to these expectations:

  1. You will work with your sponsoring congregation to raise a part of your registration fees and other camp costs.
  2. You will fill out the attached Youth Leadership Training Event Summary Form and return it to the LDM Committee within 2 weeks of attending your camping event.
  3. You will be willing to share your camping experiences with the Presbytery of the Western Reserve when an opportunity is made available to you.
  4. LDM may use excerpts from your Camp Summary Form for reporting and promotional needs.

Download this text with a preview of application questions by clicking document here.

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