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Overtures to GA 2016

Mission Council will receive and consider requests from sessions to endorse overtures submitted to the General Assembly. It will receive such recommendations and send them to the Presbytery with a recommendation of approval or disapproval, or with no recommendation at all. 

Note there is a time requirement that must be followed for concurrences:

• For amendments to the Constitution: 2/19
• For overtures that will incur a cost: 4/19
• For all others: 5/4
Such concurrences must be approved by a Presbytery and submitted to the General Assembly on or before each date.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact me.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Officer Training and New Member Classes
Looking for a good resource to train officers or teach new member classes?  The Synod of Mi-America has put together a series of online videos and lesson guides to train officers (ruling elders and deacons) as well as to use in teaching new member classes. Check it out here
Theocademy has 13 lessons for officers and 5 for new members.  The presbytery also has DVD copies of the lessons, contact us if you are interested in borrowing them.
Important New Policies
At the May 27 Presbytery meeting, the Presbytery of the Western Reserve approved an updated Sexual Misconduct Policy pdf click here to view policy (140 KB) as well as a Child Protection Policy document click here to view policy
Mandatory Reporting
default Mandatory Reporting PowerPoint (274 KB) “Are you a mandatory reporter for child abuse? What is the definition of child abuse? How do I report suspected abuse? Check out this power point presentation especially designed for those in ordained office.”
The process of amendments going to General Assembly
If your session has questions about the recently passed General Assembly actions in regard to marriage, here is some information from the Office of General Assembly.
Book of Order 2015-2017
 pdf Click here (1.85 MB) to download a PDF of the 2015-2017 Book of Order.

Frequently Asked Questions

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