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Do you have something to say?  Did you write an article that you want to share?  Do you have an event you’d like to promote? 

We can help you with that!

There are now a variety of channels through which we can promote your event, share info about the ministries of your church, or get your message out.  This guide will let you know what our submission requirements are so that we can get it into the right channels as efficiently as possible.

We have four channels available for submitted content:

  • E-News
    • This is the weekly newsletter. It’s good for quick notes about upcoming events and drawing attention to sections of other sites (like the Presbytery website or your church or organization’s website). 
  • Website Front Page
    • This is where we publish articles. Content submitted for the front page must be your original work – this isn’t a place to repost articles written by others.  The subject matter range for these articles is very wide—if you think it’s relevant to the work of the Church, send it in and we will try to find the right place for it (sermons are PERFECT!)
  • Events Calendar
    • This is a Google Calendar (actually several of them--different ones for ecumenical events, congregation events, presbytery events, etc...) but they're all color coded and visible on one, easy to use calendar.  Entries on the calendar include date and time, of course, but also location and an extended description if applicable.

These options are great on their own, but your message goes out to a wider audience when the channels are used together.  So if you have an event coming up, you could write a short entry for the E-News, a longer description for the Events Page, and create a flyer for the Events Document Site.  Then, after the event is over, you could write an article about how it went and submit that for the Front Page.  

Submission Guidelines/Requirements:

  • E-News (published every Wednesday at noon)
    • Up to 50 words (no more, please!)
    • Points to something else (this isn’t a place for articles—use this to link to your site, Twitter feed, Facebook page, the Presbytery Events Page, or promote an upcoming event)
    • Include a photo or other graphic for the entry header (required)
    • Must be submitted no later than noon on Monday the week it is intended to go out.
  • Website Front Page (published as we receive content, but everything stays up for at least a week)
    • There is no actual limit, but a max of about 700 words is recommended
    • This must be YOUR ORIGINAL CONTENT—no plagiarism or reposting of others’ articles
    • Photos and graphics are welcome (but not required)
  • Events Calendar (updated as we receive content)
    • Almost like an E-News event entry, except:
      • No photos or graphics
      • Can be up to 100 words
    • Flyers are welcome -- they are hosted on our Google Drive and attached to the calendar event.


For E-News event or announcement submissions, click here

For Calendar Event Submissions, click here

Please note that if you want your item to appear in both the E-News and the Calendar, you'll need to complete both forms.


To submit an article, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and include ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:

  • Your full article (200-700 words)
  • Any graphics to be included
    • GIF, PNG, or JPG format preferred
  • Copyright permission when applicable
    • Artwork, professionally taken photos, and some other graphics are protected by copyright law. If you are using any of these, you must obtain permission from the creator and send it along with your submission

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